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Judgment Recovery Services
Business Consultant Team

Professional Business Support Center, LLC can help your company maximize the professional assistant you only need from day to day.  No contact to hold you into.  You only pay for the service you request.  At a great rate of $18.00/ hour!  Schedule a consultation appointment to sign up today.  View our website to locate our business coupon for new client discounts! 

Grant Writing

Virtual Administrative 
​Assistant (VA)

 Guaranteed Research, Program Development Assistance, Problem Statement Research, Grant Customization and Preparation for local government, federal entities, faith-based and charitable organizations alike. Our database of targeted-funding foundations includes information on key contact personnel, application formats, eligibility requirements, and specific giving priorities, all need-to-know items to ensure your nonprofit’s success.

What we offer our clients

VA (Virtual Assistant)

If you asked our clients what made them choose us, they would tell you that partnering with Professional Business Support Center, LLC  eliminates administrative hassles, reduces stress, and enable your cash flow to be used in others areas of your business beside high overhead expenses. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; we deliver outstanding results in record time.