Professional Business Support Center LLC


Here is a list of the service we provide:

  • SSN Trace
  • Death Records
  • Proof of Divorce
  • Marriage Records
  • Tenant History
  • Assessor Records
  • Deeds
  • Vehicle Ownership
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • Proof of Business License
  • Much more (if you don't see it listed, just call our office for detail) 


What is our Judgment Recovery Locator Program?

In some cases, most aren't aware that majority of the work is already done.  And some clients believe they know more and can make their case move quicker.  Hey, that can happen!  We can assist without you assigning your case to us.  This is how the percentage remains low. This is only with a money awarded judgment court order case.  In most cases, the reason 
they do not collect is because they do not have the needed information.  They end up hiring a company like ours and we are then entitled to a percentage of the award.  The question is how much of a percentage do we deserve?  Well, we can assist you without you giving up your case and without receiving a high percentage!  All you must do is fill out the Judgment Application, and indicate you want to sign up for the JUDGMENT RECOVERY LOCATOR PROGRAM.    


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Can I hire an attorney to collect my judgment?

Sure, if you are ready to write a check for $1,000 to $5,000 for a retainer. Some attorneys will agree to an hourly rate. Most attorneys in have an hourly minimum ranging from a hard-to-find low of $195 to an average of $350.  Some charge can be more. And it does not stop there.  They will generally insist on you are paying up-front for a ‘block of hours’ in advance: typically, 10-hours.  That translates to $1,195 – $3,500 RETAINER – given the typical span of hourly rates. Moreover, paying those fees does not mean any money will be collected for you. With Professional Business Support Center, LLC., you pay absolutely NOTHING other than a mandatory $ 95 Data Search fee to get us started collecting your judgment. From that point, all other expenses we will pay until we collect.  – if we fail to collect. We do not get paid.

Are we Attorneys?

No, we are not. We are Judgment Recovery Specialists. Judgment Collection IS ALL WE DO. Interestingly ATTORNEYS are always seeking Judgment Recovery Specialists to recover judgments.

Attorneys are good at winning judgments in court, but generally do not have the skills, investigators, process servers, asset locating specialists, time nor patience to chase down judgment debtors. Besides, their clients would not want to fund their pricey hourly rates with no guarantee of collection success.

Do you provide legal advice?

No. We are not attorneys and cannot provide any legal advice.

Do you provide clients legal services?

No. We are not attorneys and do not provide any legal services. People who come to us wanting to get some money collected on their judgment will assign their judgment(s) to us. Our relationship with our customers is governed by two documents:

    1.              Acknowledgment of Assignment of Judgment – You assign your judgment to us using an 

                            “Acknowledgment of Assignment of Judgment,” a Court standard document. 

                             Your judgment then becomes “our judgment” for a length of time so we can appear in                                                                       court, work with the court and the Sheriff’s office to collect from the debtor.


     2.              Our Professional Business Support Center LLC agreement that outlines what we do and is written to                                               protect both parties.

Do we work with attorneys?

More than 2/3’s of our collection assignments has come from attorneys. Attorneys are our largest audience of customer.

Professional Business Support Center, LLC., will hire attorneys to represent our interests in the judgment in Court on certain situation, but these attorneys are working on behalf of Professional Business Support Center, LLC., and not for our customers. 

Why not use a collection agency?

First off, Professional Business Support Center, LLC., also serves as a collection agency as well and judgment recovery in one.

You should not use a debt collection company. Frankly, you will be will not waste precious time or good money, and the chances of you ever recovering money with Professional Business Support Center, LLC., is your best choice.  

Collection agencies send letters and make phone calls to the debtor. What is in your mailbox these days? Ours are filled unwanted coupons, real estate fliers, and credit card offers. Debt collection letters mailed to home addresses will be tossed unopened in the trash with the other unopened “junk” mail! Yes, collection agencies can report your judgment debtor to the credit bureaus. Which could help get your money quicker!

Because we also assist have clients who hire us to be their collection department, we focus on collecting pre-judgment debts as well.  Here at Professional Business Support Center, LLC, we wear many hats. It is better to hire professionals who knows all the detail of collecting your money pre-judgment and Judgment status and USE THE LEGAL system to seize/garnish/lien the assets of the deadbeat who refuses to pay you!

We are always following the passage of the FDCPA Fair Debt Collection Practices Act way back in 1979, debtors can tell a third-party debt collector to simply STOP CALLING, and they must comply.

Is there a Guarantee that you will be successful?

No. Frankly, sometimes we discover there are no assets to seize following an exhaustive asset location search. However, if assets, a new employer, or other sources of income are uncovered, you can be confident we will do our best to enforce the judgment. Remember, we are extremely motivated! If you do not get paid, we do not get paid! This gives us a huge incentive to SUCCEED!!!!

Can you locate my debtor? 

As professional judgment recovery specialist, and licensed process servers (in South Carolina only), we have access to specialized databases and information sources that provide all possible information about the Judgment Debtor and their assets. We are highly skilled in finding your Judgment Debtor if they have changed addresses or are hiding, locating their assets and seizing assets to satisfy your judgment.

OK, I am interested. What kind of assets can you seize?

We can seize bank accounts, garnish wages, place liens on real estate or seize personal property such as automobiles, trucks, RVs, boats, jet-skies, planes, and the alike.

What if you cannot find any Judgment Debtor assets?

If there are no assets available, we can attempt to contact the debtor and negotiate a monthly payment plan. Doing this we would have your debtor sign a promissory notice which will add time to your Judgment.  If that does not work, we will check on the debtor again after a few months or so and see if their situation has improved or be so annoying that they will want to begin paying their judgment debt just to make us “go away.”

Do I have to pay you any money up front?

No. All fees, costs and expenses incurred are covered by us and later deducted from once we get paid.
PERIOD. The only cost to you is a mandatory $95 Data Research fee for permission to forward skip searching documents that we must file within all information on your debtor.

How long till I see results?

There is no honest answer to that question. When and whether we recover anything depends on many different things. Among them are, whether or not the Debtor:

Owns property
Has a job and/or has a history of long employment
Is married
Has money in a bank account
Is a “Deadbeat”, good for nothing/druggie with no aspirations for success in life

The potential factors that affect our ability to recover the judgment are so variable to make any speculation a wild guess at best.

That said, in many of our cases we see results as early as 2 to 3 months. The total time to recover an entire judgment can easily run 3-6 months to years. Each case is different, just like the people who are “judgment debtors”.  This is one of the reasons why judgments in some state are good for up to 20 years.

Please keep in mind. If the debtor were inclined to pay you what he owed, he would have already paid you what he owes you! The bottom line is, that the speed of the recovery process depends on how determined your debtor is to resist fulfilling his obligation to pay. You are probably better able to answer that question than we are because you have experience with this debtor.

Chances are we will be in your debtor’s face FAR MORE than you ever were following winning your judgment in court. Your debtor is going to get extremely tired of us — often to the point where they might just pay us (and you) to “go away”. That result happens a lot for those we pursue.

How does judgment Recovery work with Professional Business Support Center, LLC?

First, we enter a simply contract that details the specifics of the “purchase” of your judgment. Then, you assign the judgment to us making us the “ASSIGNEE OF RECORD”. Once we file the assignment in Court, we have the legal right to investigate the judgment debtor and proceed with judgment recovery / enforcement. We then make payments to you based on funds recovered from the debtor per our agreement.